Australia’s employment, workplace and safety laws are struggling to keep up with the frenetic rate at which the world of work is changing.

In this short video series, Corrs employment, workplace and safety experts explain how Australia’s IR system has fallen out of step with modern business practices and the employment and workplce reforms needed to support Australian industries into the future.

The ‘Uber-isation’ of employment - New generation companies are transforming employer-employee relationships

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The traditional full-time, permanent employment model is being irrevocably dismantled. Australia’s IR system must adapt to a fast-paced and fluid job market.

Why Australia’s work health and safety system has a credibility problem

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Australia’s model work health and safety laws promised safer workplaces for employees and a single set of harmonised laws for employers. Neither have been achieved. Can it be fixed?

Enterprise agreement flexibility - The key to helping Australian business compete globally

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Australia’s employment and industrial regulations have fallen out of step with the reality of business in today’s disruptive world.