The decree of the National Media and Communications Authority on the new rules of number portability (published in January) entered into effect on 30 September 2012, with some last minute changes two days before (see 13/2012. (IX.28.) NMHH decree). There are no major changes in the regulatory regime but mainly certain clarifications and some extra provisions e.g. the service provider handing over the number may request consultation with the other service provider prior to carrying out the port of the number in more complex cases (e.g. porting a numbering range containing more than 10 numbers, for premium phone number etc.), which can postpone the porting process. Another decree has entered into force regulating complementary analogue radio services, providing powers for the authority to issue programme identifiers ("PI") to be used in RDSs ("radio data systems") (14/2012. (IX.28.) NMHH decree).