Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA) signed three environmental bills into law last week that will help air districts provide funding for retrofit programs for school buses, expand the use of neighborhood electric vehicles, and help reduce costs for residential and commercial renewable energy projects. The bill (A.B. 1470), signed into law on August 4 will permit local air quality regulators to use the last $2 of the $6 motor vehicle surcharge they receive from annual vehicle registration fees to help fund the retrofit of dieselpowered school buses to lower emission of dirty pollutants. Legislation (A.B. 61), also signed on August 4, allows Riverside County to conduct pilot projects that would allow for low-speed neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) with speed limits that exceed 35 miles per hour. Prior to passing those bills, on August 2, Governor Brown enacted (A.B.x1 14), which requires the development of a Clean Energy Upgrade program. The program will assist banks in providing loans to homeowners and businesses for installing alternative energy and energy efficiency projects. The bill allows qualified banks credit to decrease interest rates and lender risks for loans to install solar systems, electric vehicle charging equipment, and energy and water efficiency projects.