On 1 June 2018*, procedural changes regarding the issuing of temporary residence permits become effective in Ukraine. The main novelty constitutes the fact that the documents will be issued in the format of plastic cards equipped with contactless electronic chips containing the holder’s biometric data. However, in case of a technical impossibility to issue temporary residence permits in this new format, the State Migration Authority is authorised to use the previous format (paper book).

The enquiring parties again, have to take into account that the documents for the residence permit prolongation should be submitted to the authority no later than 15 workdays before the official expiration of the previous permit or other respective documents providing for the right of stay (basis for application). The temporary residence permits are issued for the duration of the work permit conforming with the right of employment in Ukraine.

* "April 25, 2018 # 322 The Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers “On approval of the template, technical description of the blank form, the Order on submission, issuance, exchange, cancellation, consignment, forced removal, and return to the State, invalidation and destruction of temporary residence permit” was signed.