New Visa Options for Singaporean Citizens

Australia has introduced two new visa pathways for Singaporean citizens, making it easier for Singaporeans to visit Australia for business and pleasure.

Multi-year Visitor Visa

The visitor visa (subclass 600) is currently available in 5 different streams, allowing non-citizens to travel to Australia for tourism, business or for family visiting purposes. Depending on the stream and the purpose of the visit, the visa will have either a three, six or 12 month validity, allowing stays of up to three months at a time. As of 1 January 2018, Singaporeans will have exclusive access to obtaining the subclass 600 visa for an extended period of up to six years with one single application (thereby avoiding the need to apply for each visit within the six-year period). The visa will continue to allow eligible Singaporeans to enter Australia as a visitor or to engage in business visitor activities, such as general business enquiries, negotiations and/or participating in conferences.

Working Holiday Visa

Australia has also introduced a work and holiday visa arrangement with Singapore, which commenced on 1 August 2017. This new arrangement has added 500 places for young Singaporeans who meet the educational requirements and have functional English to experience a working holiday in Australia. The subclass 462 visa requires potential applicants to be aged between 18-30 when they apply and hold a polytechnic diploma or university degree. This is a reciprocal arrangement with Singapore, allowing young eligible Australians the same opportunity to live and work in Singapore.

Applicants for these two new visas must satisfy all the usual visa criteria, including health and character requirements and have adequate funds to support themselves for the duration of their trip.

These new visa arrangements are intended to further boost tourism and business links between Singapore and Australia. They will not only make it easier for Singaporeans to come to Australia to visit friends and family, they will open up the business opportunities between Australia and Singapore as well as enable business operators to conduct regular meetings and attend conferences in Australia.