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Stark, C. J. The court considers the claim construction of 25 disputed terms from 3 patents.  AMarkman hearing took place on August 18, 2014.

The disputed patents relate to nucleic acid and sequencing processes.

The court considered the following terms:

  1. non-porous
  2. solid support
  3. array
  4. "one or more amine(s) hydroxyl(s) or epoxide(s) thereon," "via said one or more amine(s), hydroxyl(s) or epoxide(s)"
  5. signaling moiety
  6. double-stranded
  7. double-stranded nucleic acid is fixed or immobilized[and similar terms]
  8. single-stranded nucleic acid is fixed or immobilized" and similar terms, nucleic acid strand or sequence fixed or immobilized, nucleic acid is fixed or immobilized, DNA or RNA is fixed or immobilized
  9. wherein one nucleic acid strand of said at least one double-stranded nucleic acid" [and similar terms]
  10. modified nucleotide/ modified nucleotide analog
  11. said analog
  12. Sig being covalently attached to PM" "Sig is covalently attached directly or through a non-nucleotidyl chemical linkage to at least one phosphate
  13. complementary
  14. nucleotide analog
  15. an oligo- or polynucleotide which is complementary to a nucleic acid of interest or a portion thereof (preamble is limiting)
  16. said oligo- or polydeoxyribonucleotide
  17. hybridized
  18. hybridizing specifically
  19. clone
  20. DNA fragments, or oligo or polynucleotides derived from said clone(s)
  21. locus or loci
  22. covalently attached
  23. through a linkage group
  24. nucleotide analog
  25. modified or labeled nucleotides/ modified or labeled nucleotide analogs