A consumer has filed a proposed class action against Whole Foods Market Group Inc. alleging that the company’s Gluten Free All-Natural Nutmeal Raisin Cookies list evaporated cane juice (ECJ) as an ingredient to mislead consumers about the amount of sugar contained in the product. Bryant v. Whole Foods Mkt. Grp. Inc., No. 15-1001 (E.D. Mo., removed to federal court June 25, 2015). The complaint, originally filed in Missouri state court in April, asserts that ECJ should be listed as sugar under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) rule that food labels use the most common or usual name of an ingredient. According to the April complaint, the plaintiff seeks class certification and damages. The lawsuit joins a wave of litigation against food manufacturers presenting the same argument. Several courts have dismissed the cases without prejudice or granted stays after FDA indicated that it would publish updated guidance about ECJ. Additional details appear in Issue 554 of this Update.