On 16 September 2010, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) announced that it is investigating allegations of anti-competitive activity amongst the UK’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers. The authorities carried out a raid at the premises of suspected companies and press reports indicate that at least one person was arrested in connection with the investigation but later released on police bail. The OFT is seeking information on price-fixing under both the Competition Act 1998 and the criminal cartel provisions of the Enterprise Act 2002. In mid-September 2010, after facing criticism last year over a failed price-fixing prosecution of current and former British Airways staff, the OFT appears keen to be seen pursuing another potentially high profile case. The investigation is at a very early stage and the outcome is uncertain. Penalties for any company proved to be involved in cartel activities are potentially high and executives involved in dishonest cartel conduct face the threat of prosecution and a jail term.