Please be reminded of the upcoming due dates for the Reports listed below:

Form 477: Local Competition and Broadband Report

The Local Competition and Broadband Report, containing data as of June 30, 2011, must be filed by September 1, 2011 by entities and their affiliates that:

  1. provide one or more facilities-based broadband (i.e., faster than 200 kbps, in at least one direction) connections to end user locations over wired "last mile" facilities (or the wireless equivalent) that the entity owns or equips as broadband and the end user receives broadband Internet-access service (from the entity or from any other ISP) over that connection; or
  2. are ILECs or CLECs and provide local exchange service to one or more end user customers; or
  3. are facilities-based providers of mobile telephony services and serve one or more mobile telephony subscribers; or
  4. are interconnected voice over Internet protocol ("VoIP") service providers, providing interconnected VoIP service to one or more subscribers in a state.

REVISED Form 499-Q Quarterly Telecommunications Reporting Worksheet

Carriers required to contribute to universal service support mechanisms must report their actual and projected end user and wholesale revenues for each calendar quarter by Filing Form 499Q on a quarterly basis. Any revisions to a carrier's August 1, 2011 Form 499-Q filing are due to USAC by September 15, 2011.