The Labour Party has demanded that Theresa May’s government answer 170 questions on Brexit. There is one question for each day up until the deadline by which the Prime Minister has promised to trigger Article 50 and start the divorce proceedings.The Labour Shadow Cabinet Secretaries, Emily Thornberry and Keir Starmer, sent a letter to Brexit Secretary David Davis, requesting that he answers their questions. They also reiterate the call for parliament to be given a vote on the deal that is eventually struck. So far, the government has indicated that it only intends to consult MPs and has ruled out a vote.

The letter states that the proposed vote before Article 50 is triggered is necessary “to ensure that, contrary to all public statements we have heard to date, the government actually has a clear plan of what it is intending to achieve, and that all members of the Cabinet with responsibility in this area subscribe to that same plan.”

Labour has staged a Commons vote on Wednesday 12 October calling for MPs to be able to “properly scrutinise” Theresa May’s Brexit agenda. However, this vote will not be binding on the government.

David Davis has said that Labour’s plan to ask 170 questions is “a stunt”. However, he noted that he would “broadly welcome” Labour’s motion though “with important caveats”, which he claims the government’s amendments to the motion address.

A full list of the 170 questions asked can be found here.