A Los Angeles television station recently reported about the rise of non-disparagement clauses in contracts with Southern California wedding planners and vendors. Apparently, the wedding industry is reacting against the bridezillas of the world.

More specifically, it appears that more and more wedding vendors are using non-disparagement clauses in their contracts to prevent the spread of bad reviews and the ensuing detrimental effect on sales.

One bride-to-be, in particular, cancelled her contract with her photographer due to his lack of responsiveness. When she posted online tales of her experiences, she then received a letter from the photographer threatening litigation due to her breach of contract.

Including non-disparagement provisions in contracts is nothing new. However, given the rise of social media, it would not be unexpected to see non-disparagement provisions put in more contracts across more industries. To some, it may even seem like a good idea. But is it really the best way to manage a business’ online presence?