On 29 September 2015, OFAC and the US State Department designated 30 leaders, financiers, supporters, and factions of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS, IS, or Daesh) as Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGTs). The individuals are nationals of a number of countries, including Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Yemen, Tunisia, the United Kingdom, Iraq, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bosnia, Russia, and Tajikistan. The designated factions are located in the Sinai Peninsula, Indonesia, and Iraq.

On 2 and 5 October 2015, the US designated thee members of ISIL and one of the Caucasus Emirate as SDGTs. Aseel Muthana, a British national, travelled to Syria last year to join his brother in supporting and fighting for ISIL. Islam Seit-Umarovich Atabiyev, a Russian national, runs Russian language media operations for ISIL. He is heavily involved in ISIL’s governance operations and maintains a school in Syria to train young Syrian boys to become fighters for ISIL. Akhmed Chatayev is the commander of Yarmouk Battalion, a Chechen faction of ISIL and is active in ISIL recruiting. Zaurbek Guchayev, a Russian national, is responsible for coordinating and directing the Caucasus Emirate’s activities in Syria.

On 20 October 2015, the US designated Pakistani national Torek Agha as an SDGT. Agha is a senior Taliban leader who is heavily involved in the Taliban’s strategic planning, logistics, fundraising, and military bureaucracy. He previously directed the assassination of senior Afghan government officials using unidentified chemical powder.