Chair’s first Board meeting: Heather Hancock will Chair the FSA Board meeting on 18 May. View >

FAO Codex Food Labelling Committee: A Q&A with the Committee chair has been published, alongside papers for the meeting commencing 9 May. View >

EU DG Trade jittery on TTIP: EU Trade Commissioner Malstrom has found the need to give assurances on EU negotiating positions to counter apparent speculation. View >

ECJ supports actions of tobacco: The European Court of Justice has rejected industry appeals regarding the legality of the Tobacco Control Directive and standardised packaging. View >  
The US Food and Drugs Administration has been allocated responsibility for tobacco products. View >

Newly authorised substances in organic products:EU DG Agriculture has noted technical amendments allowing the use of 39 further substances in organic production and processing. View >

Home Office response on video surveillance: The Home Secretary has rejected a call by the Camera Surveillance Commissioner for enforcement powers.View >