The Chancellor delivered the 2008 Pre-Budget Report on 24 November 2008.

Lifetime allowance and annual allowance  

The lifetime allowance (LTA) and annual allowance (AA) are laid down by the Finance Act 2004 until 2010/11 (2009/10: LTA £1.75m and AA £245,000; 2010/11: £1.8m and £255,000). Thereafter, "to ensure fairness, affordability and sustainability of tax reliefs", both will remain at their 2010/11 rates for a period of five years, up to and including 2015/16.

National insurance contributions  

The rates for the tax year 2009/10 are shown in the table below. Employee, employer and self-employed rates of National Insurance Contributions will increase by 0.5 per cent from April 2011.

National insurance contributions (£ per week unless otherwise stated) (please see orignial document for table)  

A Charter for HMRC

The Government will begin consultation in January on the wording of a Charter for HMRC, "as an important contribution to its relationship with individuals, businesses and tax agents". This follows a consultation over the summer on the scope of a Charter. In the light of responses, published alongside the Pre-Budget Report, the Government has decided to include in next year's Finance Bill a clause giving the Charter explicit legislative authorisation. A new consultation will begin in January on the wording of the Charter, and HMRC and the DWP will work towards a joint launch for their respective charters in 2009.