Bompas & Parr has reportedly discontinued its “Anti-AGin Gin” after  the National Advertising Division requested substantiation for claims that the product was “the alcoholic equivalent of a facial.” The company claimed the product “rejuvenates the skin while you drink” and was meant “for people who want to stay young but don’t want to give up alcohol.” The ingredients—including “drinkable collagen,” chamomile, witch hazel oil and green tea—were advertised as having skin-nourishing or healing properties. The product’s launch was reportedly accompanied by a press release calling it “a cheeky thank you” to Warner Leisure Hotels’ guests “for keeping our hotels fun and young.” The ad board noted that “humor does not diminish an advertiser’s obligation to make truthful and accurate advertising claims.” Bompas & Parr indicated that the product is no longer for sale and will not be reissued. See Advertising Self-Regulatory Council, May 26, 2016.