The latest attempt by the Home Office to curb illegal immigration hit a bump in the road, quite literally, last week after its fleet of detention vans were attacked by an angry mob of protestors

Following reports that an East London shop had three immigrants working illegally in the UK, the convoy of police style vans rolled into the local high street in search of the men. However, instead of being able to carry out their duties and remove the illegal immigrants unimpeded, the team of officers were forced to retreat after a group of masked men launched a surprise attack on the vans.

Throwing a combination of eggs and rocks, the mob then proceeded to slash each van's tyres before making an escape down a side street. Reports then suggest that local businesses refused to sell the immigration officers any tyres, effectively leaving them stranded.

Although the latter claims have been refuted by community members, the incident certainly highlighted the need for enhanced security for immigration officers. As the government continues to ramp up its crackdown on illegal immigrants, instances of resistance and violence could become a more common occurrence.

At present the MET is staying tight lipped over the East London incident, simply stating that investigations are ongoing. However, the Home Office has made it clear that any acts of violence will be treated very seriously.

Over the coming weeks and months the government's new plans to help curb illegal immigration will begin to kick into force, which means the need for enforcement officers will continue to rise. Despite the latest incident in East London, the Home Office is determined to infiltrate more communities and weed out the illegal settlers in order to make the landscape more welcoming for those who apply for a UK visa through the correct channels.