These new limits apply where the "appropriate date" falls on or after 1 February 2007. In unfair dismissal and most redundancy pay claims, the "appropriate date" is the effective date of termination. However, if a dismissal occurred close to 1 February 2007, there may be circumstances where these new limits could apply to a dismissal prior to 1 February 2007. In particular, the maximum compensatory award for unfair dismissal claims rises to £60,600, and the limit on a week’s pay for calculating statutory redundancy and basic awards for unfair dismissal rises to £310.

Please follow the link in which we have set out some of the main changes Note that there is no limit on compensation payable in successful claims of discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, disability, sexual orientation or religion or belief. If an employee is dismissed unfairly or selected for redundancy for reasons connected with health and safety matters or public interest disclosure ("whistleblowing"), the compensatory award is also unlimited. The full details can be seen by following this link: