The European Commission has decided not to raise objections under EC Treaty State aid rules to the financial support of EUR 46.5 million that France plans to grant to the Solar Nano Crystal research and development (R&D) programme. The objective of the programme, implemented by a consortium led by PV Alliance LabFab, is to develop the whole value chain of solar energy, from the production of silicon to the module for obtaining solar energy. The programme was presented in the framework of the French Industrial Innovation Agency aid scheme, the so-called “OSEO”. Following an in-depth examination, the Commission found the aid to be compatible with its R&D framework. This programme will have benefits for the environment, since it aims at reducing carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, the impact on competition is limited given the size of the aid beneficiary, PV Alliance LabFab, and the market is expected to expand. The programme also remedies certain market failures and it would not have taken place without aid.