Political finance


How are political parties and politicians funded in your jurisdiction?

The CPV is the only political party in Vietnam, as stated in the Constitution. It is funded by the state budget.

In Vietnam, the term ‘government official’ is more widely used than politician. Almost all political activities are confined to the scope of official activities. There is a clear absence of political campaigns, fundraising or even debates. Activities of government officials are also funded by the state budget.

Registration of interests

Must parties and politicians register or otherwise declare their interests? What interests, other than travel, hospitality and gifts, must be declared?

The following persons must declare property:

  • officials from the divisions under the people’s committees that have the rank of deputy and those with the equivalent rank in other government organs;
  • officials managing the state budget and properties;
  • officials directly engaging with the public; and
  • candidates for the National Assembly and local people’s assemblies.

The property subject to declaration includes:

  • houses and land-use rights;
  • precious metals and gemstones, as well as any capital, valuable papers and other property worth 50 million Vietnamese dong or more;
  • property (as defined above) and accounts in foreign countries; and
  • taxable income.
Contributions to political parties and officials

Are political contributions or other disbursements to parties and political officials limited or regulated? How?

Political contributions are not yet recognised by any regulation. Disbursements to the CPV and political officials come directly from the state budget and not from members of the public, which includes individuals and organisations.

Sources of funding for political campaigns

Describe how political campaigns for legislative positions and executive offices are financed.

Political campaigns for legislative positions and executive offices are funded by the state budget. Public funding or fundraising (public or private) are not yet recognised by any regulation.

Lobbyist participation in fundraising and electioneering

Describe whether registration as a lobbyist triggers any special restrictions or disclosure requirements with respect to candidate fundraising.

Not applicable.

Independent expenditure and coordination

How is parallel political campaigning independent of a candidate or party regulated?

Given the lack of political campaigning in Vietnam, parallel political campaigning is also not a practice in Vietnam. There is no regulation in this regard.