The Ontario Government recently released O. Reg. 389/10, made under the Energy Consumer Protection Act, 2010 (the Act). This regulation will govern the conduct of energy retailers and gas marketers and provides for increased consumer protection. The regulation also contains rules regarding the implementation and use of smart meters by individual units in multi-residential buildings. Both the Act and the regulation come into force on January 1, 2011. For more information on the Act and regulations please see our post of June 17, 2010.

On a related note, the Ontario Energy Board issued a Revised Notice of Proposal (the Proposal) on October 15, 2010 to revoke and re-issue the Electricity Retailer Code of Conduct and the Code of Conduct for Gas Marketers, and to amend the Gas Distribution Access Rule. The Proposal will implement the consumer protection provisions of the Energy Consumer Protection Act, 2010. Comments on the Proposal are due on October 29, 2010.