In Procaps, S.A. v. Patheon Inc., No. 12-24356-CIV (S.D. Fla. Apr. 24, 2015), the district court appointed a neutral e-discovery expert to assist the court in analyzing allegations that the plaintiff had failed to preserve electronic evidence.  After the expert produced a report, the defendant sought to take the expert’s deposition, but plaintiff objected.   The court ordered the taking of the deposition, noting that Federal Rule of Evidence 706(b)(2), which provides that a court-appointed expert “may be deposed by any party,” authorized the taking of the deposition, and that other federal courts “have authorized parties to take the deposition of neutral, court-appointed forensic experts in several instances involving deleted files reports.”  The court further ordered that a court-appointed special master for discovery and ESI matters attend the deposition and ask questions, which would “promote the goal of providing assistance to the Court.”