AT&T’s unlimited data plan customers will be able to extend their rate plans to their connected vehicles through an initiative which AT&T announced last week to expand “our connected car products and services in line with . . . strong consumer demand.” The new offer, which went into effect on Monday, is targeted to AT&T “Unlimited Plan” subscribers who also subscribe to the company’s DirecTV or U-Verse pay TV platforms. Already, AT&T offers subscribers the ability to connect their vehicles to the company’s standard Mobile Share Value Plan, and a company press release reports that, as of the first quarter of 2016, more than eight million cars had been connected to the AT&T network. Launching the new offer, AT&T also pointed to the results of a joint AT&T-Ericsson study, which shows that three out of four consumers consider connected car services to be an “important feature in their next car purchase.”

For an additional monthly fee of $40 which includes data, AT&T Unlimited Plan customers will be able to add selected connected vehicles, or a ZTE Mobley vehicle Wi-Fi plug-in device, to their current contract. Unlimited Plan customers may opt instead to receive a 1GB monthly data allowance for $10 per connected car or Mobley device. In conjunction with the new offer, AT&T also launched a new nationwide digital advertising campaign, dubbed A Whole New Ride, which focuses on the advantages of adding wireless connectivity to vehicles. Observing that “more and more cars are rolling off the line with embedded connectivity solutions, Chris Penrose, the senior vice president of IoT Solutions at AT&T, declared: “the interest we are seeing from carmakers and consumers around the world says this revolution is here to stay.”