Legal World Adjusts to Pandemic

As different parts of the country adjust to Coronavirus outbreaks of varying degrees of intensity, government agencies and courts are issuing revised operating procedures.

The Federal Circuit announced today that some of the cases of the April argument calendar are being removed and will be submitted on the briefs. In cases remaining on the argument calendar, if counsel for either party is located outside the National Capital area, the argument will be conducted by telephonic conference at the date and time previously scheduled. In cases scheduled for argument where counsel for both parties are local, as of now, the court plans to proceed with in-person argument as previously scheduled. Parties in all cases will be notified individually as to how we plan to proceed in their case.

The International Trade Commission (ITC), is postponing hearings scheduled in the next 60 days. The Commission will re-evaluate the schedule after 45 days for any additional postponements. All discovery will continue and any essential outside participation by staff will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Guidance on this matter will be forthcoming.

No official word out of the USPTO on any change in operational status.

Additional information on popular districts/courts around the country is provided in the table below: