The U.S. Department of Labor has investigated Prince George's County Public Schools (PGCPS) system in Maryland and determined that the school system operated its H-1B work visa program in violation of the applicable DOL regulations. PGCPS was found to have illegally reduced the wages of more than 1,000 foreign teachers by requiring them to pay H-1B program fees and expenses that, by law, should have been paid by the H-1B sponsoring employer. Collectively, the teachers had to pay more than $4 million in fees, which brought their annual compensation below the amount PGCPS was required to provide under its H-1B sponsorship stated commitment. As PGCPS was found to have willfully violated the H-1B regulations, the government has assessed fines of $1.74 million and may subject PGCPS to a lengthy debarment from utilizing the H-1B program in the future. Employers should not waiver from an obligation to pay the higher of the prevailing or actual wage to H-1B workers and seek counsel before changing terms and conditions of the sponsored workers' employment or passing any of the immigration sponsorship costs onto employees.