In late April 2015, a San Diego jury found Arash Ghahreman, a former Iranian national and naturalized U.S. citizen, guilty of IEEPA and money laundering violations for attempt and conspiracy to export goods to Iran and for aiding and abetting transfers of money from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the United States in support of an illegal export. Prosecutors presented evidence showing that Ghahreman was involved in an Iranian procurement network using a UAE front company to purchase U.S. goods and technology for illegal export and transshipment to Iran. According to DOJ, Ghahreman and his co-defendants (collectively, the defendants) negotiated, over a six-month period, with undercover U.S. agents posing as U.S. goods and technology brokers in order to procure military electronic components and marine navigation components for illegal export to Iran. Negotiations culminated in an agreement between the defendants and the agents, in furtherance of which the defendants wired roughly $60,000 as partial payment from a UAE account to the agents’ bank account. Ghahreman will be sentenced in July 2015.

For additional information, see the DOJ press release and local media coverage.