Recently, the authorities of the Government and Migration department of the Republic of Nicaragua issued important changes for people who want to travel by land to the country, whether for tourism, religious, labor, business, sport, among other related purposes.

All travelers before visiting Nicaragua by land transportation must notify to the corresponding authorities about their upcoming trip at least 7 business days in advance. All trip details must be listed in the required forms and sent via e-mail to Nicaragua´s Interior Department  ( the Embassies of Nicaragua in their respective countries.The e-mails must attach the following documentation:

  • Entry list to Nicaragua Form
  • Application form
  • Letter addressed to the Government Department including the following information: number of travelers on the trip,  reason for the trip, name and address of the hotel or place of accommodation, list of places to be visited, general information of the driver, vehicle, the name of the border where they intend to enter, etc.  

If the reason is only to transit through Nicaragua, travelers must and are still expected to provide all the above information to the corresponding authorities.

The e-mail must only contain the 3 requirements mentioned above. In case of not carrying out the previous process, the Nicaraguan authorities can refuse or deny entry to travelers. It is important to clarify that this process applies only for trips made by land and not for air travel.