Tackling poor oral health in children: local government's public health role. Commissioning responsibilities of the Healthy Child Programme for 0-5 year olds were transferred to local government in October 2015. This included the commissioning of Health Visitors who lead and support delivery of preventive programmes for infants and children including providing advice on oral health and on breastfeeding and reducing the risk of tooth decay. This updated LGA publication looks at local authorities' role and includes a number of case studies. 

Healthy Lives, Healthy People – A review of the 2013 public health workforce strategy. Details progress made with the Strategy, which sets out actions for various partners in the new public health system to support and develop the public health workforce. The Strategy aims to help embed public health capacity within the wider workforce to support delivery of the Public Health Outcomes Framework. 

Good public health practice framework 2016. This revised non-statutory guidance from the Faculty of Public Health provides the basis for good professional practice in public health. It applies to all members of the core public health workforce, including public health practitioners and specialists and those training to become practitioners and specialists.

Good public health practice framework 2016. This guidance is aimed at all specialists and practitioners from all professional backgrounds and aims to provide a basis for good professional practice in public health. It also aims to inform the planning of continuing professional development activities, appraisal and revalidation. 

2016/17 Vaccination and immunisation programmes agreement. Summary of changes that have been agreed to the vaccination and immunisation programmes that are commissioned for delivery by general practice. This includes those which are legally directed by the Secretary of State for Health to establish or offer, and those NHS England has prescribed. The requirements for these two new programmes will be outlined in the NHS England service specifications which will be published by NHS England in due course. The detail of these programmes will be available in the vaccination and immunisation programmes 2016/17 guidance and audit requirements document, which will be published in due course.