1. Brazil
  2. Colombia
  3. Ecuador
  4. Mexico
  5. Panama
  6. Peru


Light rail transit Project in Brazil's Minas Gerais state is moving forward

  • SUBJECT: Plans for a light rail transit (LRT) system in Brazil's Minas Gerais state
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The LRT will have two lines, one spanning 6.9 kilometres with 23 stations and with the capacity to handle around 65,000 passengers a day. The second line will span 17.5 kilometres and have 19 stations, with the capacity to transport around 15,400 passengers a day
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: Brazil's Minas Gerais state
  • STATUS: In study phase (A draft proposal was presented to the public for feedback)
  • PROJECT TYPE: Public private partnership (PPP)
  • DURATION OF CONCESSION: To be confirmed

HIGH-SPEED TRAIN: Rio – Sao Paulo – Delayed for 2015

Brazil's logistics and planning group EPL is planning to launch consultancy bids for its multi-billion dollar Rio-São Paulo-Campinas bullet train project after being on hold for over one year

  • PURPOSE: Construction of a high-speed train from Rio de Janeiro – Sao Paulo
  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Construction of a 511 km high-speed train track between Campinas, Guarulhos, São Paulo and São José dos Campos. The project has two phases; the first consists of contracting the high-speed train operator and determining the technology that will be used. Once the first phase has been awarded, a tender will be launched for the second, encompassing the civil construction work (bridges, viaducts, tunnels, among others)
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: Agencia Nacional Transporte Terrestre (National Terrestrial Transport Agency – ANTT)
  • STATUS: Delayed for 2015
  • ESTIMATED INVESTMENT: US$ 17.6 billion
  • PROJECT TYPE: Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  • TERM OF CONTRACT: 25 years

Brazil's southeast railway

  • SUBJECT: Brazil's southeast mulls building US$ 2.7 billion railway
  • PROJECT: Espírito Santo government is pushing for the construction of a US$ 2.69 billion railway that will connect sea ports in the southeastern states of Espírito Santo and Rio de Janeiro. The 550km railroad would connect Vitória and Anchieta ports in Espírito Santo to Rio's Açu port in the town of São João da Barra, and would be used for the transport of ore
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: Espírito Santo government
  • STATUS: The governor was scheduled to discuss the plan with Rio de Janeiro's economic development secretary
  • ESTIMATED INVESTMENT: US$ 2.69 billion

São Paulo Intercity Rail

  • SUBJECT: Concession of the São Paulo Intercity Rail
  • PROJECT: The railway system will be 431 km long and have two routes, the Norte-Sul (north-south) and the Leste-Oeste (east-west). Besides building lines, the initiative includes implementing control systems, purchasing rolling stock and operating and maintaining the system for 35 years. The trains will travel at an average speed of 120 km/h, reaching up to 160 km/h
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: Metropolitan transport department STM
  • STATUS: Scheduled for the first half of 2015 (although it has already been delayed)
  • PROJECT TYPE: Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  • TERM OF CONTRACT: 35 years


Bogotá Metro Line 1

  • SUBJECT: Concession for the construction of the Bogotá Metro Line 1
  • PROJECT: The project comprises the construction of the first line of Bogota's metro, which will have a length of 30 km and have 31 stations. The line will be used by around 600,000 people per day and trains will run every 90 seconds. This is the first of four lines planned to be built in the next 30 years
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: Colombia government
  • STATUS: The project will be launched in July 2015
  • PROJECT TYPE: Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  • TERM OF CONTRACT: To be confirmed


Construction of phase II of Ecuador capital Quito's subway project.

  • SUBJECT: Construction of phase II of Ecuador capital Quito's subway project
  • PROJECT: Phase two includes the construction of 13 of the 15 planned metro stations, 22 km of underground line and other civil works. The phase two study was conducted by Metro de Madrid. The project is being financed in part through loans from four multilateral institutions: European Investment Bank (US$ 259 million), CAF (US$ 250 million), IDB (US$ 200 million) and the World Bank's International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (US$ 200 million).
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: State-owned subway operator Metro de Quito
  • STATUS: State-owned subway operator Metro de Quito started reviewing phase two bids on July 7 and was given eight weeks to make a decision
  • ESTIMATED INVESTMENT: US$ 15 billion. The studies for phase two of Quito metro put the cost of each kilometre of the line at approximately US$ 68 million, which will be used as the reference price


Trans-peninsular Yucatán-Quintana Roo train - Indefinite suspension

  • PROJECT DESCIPTION: The government has in the past few days suspended the tender for the Yucatán-Quintana Roo trans-peninsular train, the construction of which was originally due to start this year, until further notice
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: Mexico's transport and communications ministry (SCT)
  • STATUS: The project has been suspended indefinitely
  • ESTIMATED INVESTMENT: US$ 1.32 billion

City-Querétaro high-speed train - Indefinite suspension

  • SUBJECT: Concession of the Mexico City-Querétaro high-speed train
  • PROJECT: Concession for the construction, operation and maintenance of the high-speed train. The line will be 210 km long and trains will travel at up to 300km/h, completing the route in 58 minutes
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: Mexico's communications and transport ministry (SCT)
  • STATUS: The contract was cancelled in November and postponed until 2015; however, the government has now suspended the project indefinitely
  • ESTIMATED INVESTMENT: US$ 3.264 billion
  • PROJECT TYPE: Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  • TERM OF CONTRACT: To be confirmed


Construction of line 2 and 3 of Panama City's metro

  • SUBJECT: Panama's metro system
  • PROJECT: The tender was launched in September for the design and construction of line 2 . The first phase will involve 21 km of elevated track and 16 stations connecting the southeast with line 1 and, subsequently, the city center. Line 3 will begin at Albrook station, cross the Panama Canal by bridge or tunnel and connect with the southwest of the city. The Line 4 will also start in Albrook and end to the southeast
  • STATUS: In September a tender was launched for its design and construction. Interested firms are due to submit bids on January 30, according to tender documents
  • ESTIMATED INVESTMENT: US$ 5 billion - Line 1 will cost around US$ 2 billion and Line 3, which involves the construction of a bridge over the Panama Canal, will cost between US$ 2.5 billion and US$ 3 billion


Construction of Lima's metro line 3 and 4

  • SUBJECT: Peru plans to concession lines 3 and 4 before 2016. The line 2 is under construction
  • CONTRACTING ENTITY: Private investment promotion agency, ProInversión
  • STATUS: Private investment promotion agency ProInversión recently awarded a pre-investment studies contract for line No. 3 and in coming months will launch pre-investment and feasibility studies for the construction of Lima's metro line No. 4
  • PROJECT TYPE: Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  • TERM OF CONTRACT: To be confirmed

Peru studying railway projects

  • SUBJECT: Railway projects that seek to link Brazil to the north and Bolivia to the south
  • PROJECT: Peru, Brazil and China earlier this month signed a memorandum at the Apec forum in China to run studies for an inter-oceanic railway which would link Brazil's Atlantic coast with an unspecified northern Pacific port in Peru and, in turn with Chinese markets
  • STATUS: In study phase