The Care Quality Commission review has revealed that emergency care in England was one of the poorest performing parts of the NHS, caused majorly by underfunding of council care services.

Safety was cited as a major weakness of emergency care departments with 22 out of 184 units being rated as inadequate and another 95 requiring improvements in their workings. The Care Quality Commission explained that the cuts to council provided care, such as access to home help for daily living tasks, such as dressing and washing, was pushing the elderly and infirm into hospital.

The chief executive of the Care Quality Commission, David Behan, said that the state of the council care system was the worst that he could remember during his 38 year career. He said that things had reached a tipping point and called upon ministers to invest more into the council care system. Numbers of elderly people having care needs has sharply risen, and around 1 million get no help at all.

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