The Pensions Regulator has issued guidance relating to voluntary employer engagement in contract-based pension schemes. The guidance offers assistance to employers who offer contract-based defined contribution (DC) pension schemes in the work place. It lists ways in which employers can involve themselves more directly with the organization and management of their scheme. The Pensions Regulator believes that an increased level of employer engagement in their pension scheme promotes better protection of members' benefits. In addition, the Regulator believes such involvement can save employers time and financial resources as it may help to mitigate risks and solve problems before they occur. A positive approach on the employer's part may also lead to increased understanding by existing members of the scheme and improve participation rates. Chief Executive Tony Hobman said "Many employers have already put in place voluntary governance arrangements as they see them as beneficial for both themselves and members. This guidance is designed to support employers who choose to be involved in the governance of the scheme by identifying options and sharing case studies."