Fund Raising, Inc. v. Alaskans For Clean Water, Inc., Case No. 09-4106 (USDC June 26, 2012) (denying fundraiser’s motion to vacate $8 million award in favor of former client environmental advocates; “manifest disregard” standard applied where arbitrator’s application of law challenged; no manifest disregard nor “complete irrationality” in, among other findings, arbitrator’s interpretation of confidentiality clause, finding of fiduciary duty, finding judicial estoppel, and awarding punitive damages for actions related to perjury);

Digitelcom, LTD v. Tele2 Sverige AB, Case No. 12-3082 (USDC S.D.N.Y. July 25, 2012) (granting motion to confirm award issued by International Centre for Dispute Resolution and granting attorney’s fees award for disingenuous motion; among other things, arbitrator did not commit “manifest disregard” nor exhibit “evident partiality”);

Trademark Remodeling, Inc. v. Rhines, Case No. 11-1733 (USDC D. Md. Aug. 6, 2012) (granting motion to enforce award; finding no evident partiality or corruption, fraud, or undue means despite defendants’ disclosure of confidential information, providing gift card to adverse witness, and manner in which hearing was conducted; no exceeding powers or “manifest disregard” for arbitrator’s use of evidence and findings beyond contract);

P.H. Glatfelter Co. v. United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial and Service Workers International Union, Case No. 11-741 (USDC S.D. Ohio Aug. 21, 2012) (granting summary judgment vacating award issued in connection with a collective bargaining agreement under the Labor Management Relations Act; evident partiality existed where arbitrator failed to disclose that he had 6 first cousins employed at paper mill at issue in arbitration).