The NMHH has launched the website via which anyone may report suspected illegal activities found on the internet. An equivalent 24-hour telephone service will also be available soon. In the case of legal reports directly made to the NMHH, the NMHH will request the owner of the server storing illegal content to remove the objectionable file. The server owner (transmitting service provider) usually deletes such files pursuant to the agreement concluded by and between itself and the user uploading the content (such agreements usually stipulate that materials with illegal content may not be stored on the servers). The NMHH cooperates with the police in ensuring the earliest possible removal of illegal content, and has also applied for membership in the international organisation INHOPE (International Association of Internet Hotlines). The NMHH reports all suspected criminal acts or suspected preparation for such criminal acts to the police. If the illegal content is stored on a server located abroad, the NMHH will request help from INHOPE in contacting the server owner.

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