The Mining Act, 2016 (the Act) came into force on the 27th of May, 2016 thereby repealing inter alia, the previous Mining Act (Cap.306) which was enacted in 1940, the Trade in Unwrought Mineral Act (Cap.310) and the Diamond Industry Protection Act (Cap.311). The Act is a progressive piece of legislation which is meant to give effect to the provisions of Articles 60, 62(1) (f), 66(2), 69 and 71 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010. The Articles generally include provisions on principles of land policy, public land, regulation of land use & property, obligations in respect of the environment and finally, agreements relating to natural resources, respectively. The coming into force of this Act marks a new dawn in the Mining Industry in Kenya for both the local as well as the foreign direct investors in the sector.

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