In Gallagher v. C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc., the federal Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals (covering Midwestern states including Ohio) held that plaintiff was entitled to a trial of her hostile environment claim. Gallagher worked on an office floor of closely grouped cubicles. After four months, she resigned and filed suit, alleging that co-workers used derogatory terms for women, described by the court as "explicitly sexual" and "patently degrading to women," viewed pornography on their computers, and left pornographic magazines open on their desks. Based upon her admission that virtually none of the comments were directed at her, and because Gallagher had not complained to upper management, the lower court dismissed the claim of sexual harassment as not sufficiently "severe or pervasive". Reversing, the appellate court held that the district court improperly ignored the office configuration of closely grouped cubicles which rendered Gallagher a "captive audience."