The US Department of State (DOS) recently released its March 2010 Visa Bulletin. Since the beginning of this fiscal year on October 1, 2010, there has been very little advancement in all of the employment-based immigrant visa categories. The DOS has previously explained that the lack of advancement was due to significant demand in most of the employment-based immigrant visa categories. However, in the March 2010 Visa Bulletin, the DOS advances most employment-based immigrant visa categories the most that they have advanced this fiscal year. For example, the EB-3 World category advanced by approximately three months to December 15, 2002. The DOS may be more rapidly advancing the employment-based immigrant visa categories in order to ensure that all of the available visa numbers are used prior to the end of the government’s fiscal year on September 30, 2010.

The following is a comparison of the employment-based immigrant visa priority dates since the beginning of retrogression in October 2005.

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