Who would benefit from this Health Check?

This Health Check has been designed for any company established outside the UAE or in a free zone in the UAE which has appointed a representative in the UAE pursuant to a written agreement.

What does this Health Check include?

For a fixed fee of only USD3,500, we will:

  1. Carry out a search of the Register of Commercial Agents maintained by the UAE Ministry of Economy in order to determine whether or not your relationship with your local representative has been registered as a commercial agency agreement;
  2. Provide you with a report in which we will:
    1. report our findings in respect of item 1 above; and
    2. provide a high level preliminary analysis of some of the principal implications of our findings in respect of item 1 above.


The Commercial Agency Health Check does not include carrying out a detailed review of any agreement that you may have entered into with your representative or any follow up questions or advice.

GCC and wider Middle East region

Commercial agency issues may also arise in each of the other GCC states and wider Middle East region.