Back in January we reported on an European Court of Human Rights judgment relating to discrimination claims brought before the ECHR by four Christians. The applicants asserted that their religious beliefs had led to them being wrongfully disciplined by their employers (for visibly wearing crosses and for raising concerns about performing services which they considered to condone homosexual union). They complained that UK domestic law failed adequately to protect their right to manifest their religion. The ECHR heard their cases and, in January, awarded €2,000 to one applicant, Ms Eweida, but dismissed the other applicants' cases.

Ms Chaplin, Ms Ladele and Mr McFarlane (the unsuccessful applicants) applied for their claims to be referred to the ECHR's Grand Chamber (the ECHR's final arbiter), but their requests have been rejected this week by a Grand Chamber panel of five judges. These decisions make the judgment final, and mark the end of the road for Chaplin, Ladele and McFarlane's claims.