On April 16, 2013, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing titled “Oversight of the Enforcement of the Antitrust Laws.” Witnesses included Assistant Attorney General Bill Baer and FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez. Most favored nation (MFN) clauses were a key issue at the hearing. Highlighting the efforts of the FTC to partner with other antitrust enforcers, Chairwoman Ramirez noted a recent workshop cohosted by the FTC and Department of Justice that explored the antitrust implications of MFN clauses. Baer commented on MFN clauses in the healthcare industry specifically, stating that “such provisions potentially distort the competitive process by raising the costs of health insurance and hospital services, preventing other insurers from entering the market and discouraging discounts.” The recent emphasis on MFN clauses has prompted many state enforcers to take a careful look at the practice.