ESMA has published an updated version of its AIFMD questions and answers document.

The new questions include:

  1. When a non-EU fund manager reports information to the regulator(s) of a Member State under Article 42, which funds should it include in its reports?
  2. How should fund managers convert the total value of assets under management into Euro?
  3. It’s now clear that the procedure for first reporting of funds should be the same as for first reporting of fund managers, as laid down in ESMA’s guidelines on reporting obligations. This means that fund managers should not report any information about funds for the reporting period in which the funds were created. However, should fund managers include funds created during the reporting period in the total value of assets under management of the fund manager for that reporting period? and
  4. Should fund managers include short non-derivative positions when they calculate the total value of assets under management?