Recently the State Council has decided to newly establish 7 free trade pilot zones in Liaoning, Zhejiang, Henan, Hubei, Sichuan, Shanxi Provinces and Chongqing municipality which reveals the new voyage of pilot exploration relating to the establishment of free trade pilot zones. 

7 free trade pilot zones to be established respectively have features and emphasis.

Liaoning Province mainly implements the facilitation of reform of marketed-oriented regime and the promotion of structure adjustment as requested by the central government, and attempts to promote the integral competitiveness and the level of opening-up of the old industrial base in the Northeast. 

Zhejiang Province focuses on exploring the liberalization of bulk commodity trade and enhancement of the capacity for global allocation of bulk commodity pursuant to the requirements in respect to “exploring to set up Zhou Shan Free Trade Port Areas” made by the central government.  

Henan Province is requested to accelerate construction of a modern stereoscopic traffic system linking south and north, west and east and a modern logistics system, and endeavors to construct a modern comprehensive transportation hub serving “One Belt and One Road ”. 

Hubei Province places emphasis on supporting central China to undertake industrial transfer gradually, building an array of strategic emerging industries and high-tech industry bases in order to play its demonstration role in the strategy of rise of central China and the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt. 

Chongqing Municipality principally functions as a strategic pivot and junction and further opens up gateway cities in west China so as to move forward with the deep implementation of western development strategy. 

Sichuan Province makes efforts to create an inland open economy highland at the request of boosting opening-up of gateway cities in west China and supporting inland opening strategy. 

Shanxi Province aims to build an inland reform and opening-up highland to meet the requirements for utilizing “One Belt and One Road ” to lead the western development and boosting opening-up of gateway cities in west China. 

Going forward, the Ministry of Commerce will cooperate with relevant provinces, municipalities and departments to improve the overall plan of newly established free trade pilot zones as soon as possible and the plan will be implemented after completing the requisite procedures.