United States Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) Acting Deputy Administrator, A. Stanley Meiburg, sent a January 5th memorandum to senior agency staff identifying transition leadership.

The memorandum identifies a list of agency senior managers who will assume acting roles in various EPA offices.

The agency’s current leadership team tenure will expire at noon on January 20th.

The memorandum notes that “it is likely that career EPA senior managers will serve in acting roles for the Assistant, Associate and Regional Administrator positions until new appointed leaders are in place.”

The acting senior officials in the Administrator’s office, including the acting Administrator and Deputy Administrator, are not identified. However, the memorandum notes that the acting senior officials that will occupy these positions will be chosen in the near future.

The choice for Acting Regional Administrator for Region 6 is relevant to Arkansas. The state is in EPA’s Region 6.

Mr. Samuel Coleman will serve as the Region 6 Regional Administrator. He is currently Deputy Regional Administrator for the region.

A copy of the memorandum can be downloaded here.