Two strawberry breeders formerly of the University of California, Davis have filed a lawsuit against the university targeting its strawberry- breeding program, which they argue is denying them the opportunity to license the breeds they helped cultivate. Cal. Berry Cultivars LLC v. Regents of U. of Cal., No. 16-2477 (N. Cal., removed to federal court May 6, 2016). The scientists left the program in 2014 to start their own cultivation company with a former California secretary of food and agriculture. Their departure triggered a lawsuit from the California Strawberry Commission, which asserted the university was neglecting the program. The scientists now reportedly argue the university refuses to license—“on a non-exclusive basis at a reasonable royalty”—the plants to California Berry Cultivars to suppress competition, amounting to allegations of conversion, breach of contract, breach of faith, breach of fiduciary duty and unfair competition. Details about the settlement of the previous lawsuit appear in Issue 555 of this Update. See Sacramento Bee, May 3, 2016; Courthouse News Service, May 6, 2016.