A private company that develops agricultural products designed to improve crop productivity has reportedly raised $14.5 million in a Series A financing round to further advance its research and development programs. Located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, AgBiome LLC is focused on the identification of novel microbes and new, useful genes from those microbes. Chief Scientific Officer Dan Tomso said, “Microbes associated with agricultural ecosystems are a nearly infinite source of useful new genes and biologicals. AgBiome aims to become the world leader in agricultural discovery centered around these resources.” The company’s first product is apparently a biological that can control the “predominant soil-borne diseases of greenhouse and major row crops,” and it is working to apply state-of-the-art genomics and screening technologies to find plant-associated plant-health, pest-resistance and yield-enhancement microbes. See AgBiome LLC News Release, April 11, 2013.