In our last edition of our Digital Media Update we reported that the EU Parliament was due to make its decision on the ratification of this multi-national treaty which is aimed at standardising IP infringement protection measures ("ACTA").  On 4 July the EU Parliament decided to reject ACTA, with an overwhelming vote against ratifying the treaty - without ratification, the EU cannot be a party to it.  Since then the Australian and New Zealand governments have also raised concerns regarding the content of the treaty (including threats to privacy, accessibility to cheaper medicine and protecting economic interests), with the Australian government suggesting that it would be wiser for the parties to return to the negotiating table as opposed to try and continue to push the current text through.  ACTA, like SOPA in the US, has received significant opposition by EU (and other) citizens and there have been large-scale anti-ACTA activities and demonstrations, and it appears that the governments are taking note of the public view on this controversial treaty.