The Sierra Club has sued San Diego County to challenge its approval of greenhouse gas (GHG ) review standards and a climate action plan. Sierra Club v. County of San Diego, No. 12-101054 (Cal. Super. Ct. filed 7/20/12). The complaint alleges that on June 20, 2012, the county approved a GHG significance threshold for future development and a climate action plan that “independently and together fail to support achieving minimum climate stabilization requirements; and were approved without substantial supporting evidence and without properly involving or notifying the public.”  

According to plaintiffs, the county’s general plan required it to prepare “comprehensive and enforceable” measures to reduce GHG emissions and a climate action plan with an updated baseline inventory of GHG emissions from all sources, more specific reduction targets and deadlines. The county was also purportedly required by state law to use a public review process in the development of thresholds of significance used in environmental review. The complaint asks the court to void the challenged actions and enjoin any activity based on their policy prescriptions and requirements.