As part of its ongoing safety program, the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) has announced the 47th amendment to its Code of Practice. According to an IFRA news release, changes include “six new standards based on the Quantitative Risk Assessment methodology; four revised standards; one new standard restricting the use of Furfural; a new group standard prohibiting the use of 2,4-Dienals; 11 revised standards which take into account the contributions of Schiff Bases; and one corrected maximum use level standard.” One of the six new standards evidently followed the release of data supporting the safe use of Dihyrocoumarin, a previously banned ingredient.

IFRA’s safety program aims to assess fragrance materials and either establish ‘Safe Use Levels,’ or prohibit their use, based on studying their potential effects on people and the environment. See IFRA News Release, June 19, 2013.