Commodity Futures Trading Commission Commissioner Dawn Stump proposed a path forward for the CFTC in handling data collected from market participants to fulfill its regulatory responsibilities in light of the potential for  cyberattacks and information theft. Ms. Stump proposed that the Commission consider the necessity of receiving sensitive data when making requests for data "...and ensure that we only receive data required for our regulatory responsibilities, remove duplicative reporting streams, explore alternative mechanisms for accessing sensitive information, enhance internal controls for interacting with data, examine response procedures to cyber incidents, and update data retention best practices." Ms. Stump's call for a CFTC data collection review comes on the heels of a recent Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement action naming nine persons for participating in a scheme to benefit from the hacking of the agency's Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system used for receiving and retaining corporate filings and from trading on information illicitly acquired through cyber-theft. (Click here for background in the article, "​Nine Persons Charged by SEC in EDGAR Hacking and Illicit Trading Scheme; Two Persons Additionally Named in Criminal Indictment" in the January 20, 2019 edition of Bridging the Week.)