EIOPA recently published four sets of proposed guidelines on Solvency II for consultation, in relation to (a) the system of governance, (b) forward looking assessment of 'own risks' (based on the ORSA principles), (c) submission of information to national supervisors (i.e. reporting) and (d) pre-application of internal models. The consultation papers refer to it being of key importance that there is a 'consistent and convergent approach' with respect to preparation for Solvency II. To ensure this and prevent diverging national solutions across Europe (particularly in light of the delays regarding the Omnibus II Directive), EIOPA has begun the consultations mentioned. Responses may be submitted until 19 June 2013. It is intended that, when finalised, the guidelines will apply from 1 January 2014. EIOPA also states that national supervisory authorities should put the guidelines in place from the same date to ensure that (re)insurers take the appropriate steps. More recently, EIOPA also published data modelling and taxonomy documents to support the consultation on the submission of information to national supervisors. The PRA (Prudential Regulation Authority, the new UK body responsible for the regulation and supervision of (re)insurance undertakings from 1 April 2013) recently held an industry briefing on Solvency II. Amongst other matters, it has indicated next steps for (re)insurers, including that they should familiarise themselves with the proposed guidelines issued by EIOPA on Solvency II, understand how these apply to them and take appropriate steps.