At the end of October, the State Duma adopted in the first reading a draft law on reducing the rates of insurance paid to the state non-budgetary funds of the Russian Federation for a range of insured parties (the "Draft Law").

Specifically, the Draft Law proposes (i) to extend the range of insured parties that have the right to pay reduced-rate insurance contributions (the "Beneficiaries") and (ii) to change the rates of insurance contributions for the majority of insured parties.

The Government suggests including in the range a number of insured parties that apply a simplified taxation system and several socially oriented non-commercial organisations. The Government proposes setting a total tariff of 20% of insurance contributions to the state non-budgetary funds for such insured parties (Pension Fund - 20%; Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund - 0%; Social Insurance Fund - 0%).

For 2012 – 2013, the Draft Law provides for a significant number of insured parties that are not Beneficiaries (covering approximately 36 types of activities) to pay reduced insurance contributions to the Pension Fund (Pension Fund - from 26% to 22%; Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund - 5.1%; Social Insurance Fund - 2.9%). The Draft Law also envisages these parties paying 30% (versus the standard 34%) in insurance contributions to the state non-budgetary funds.

At the same time, the Draft Law stipulates for this category of insured parties an additional tariff of insurance contributions equal to 10% of the amounts exceeding the limit value of the base for calculating insurance contributions.

[Federal Draft Law No. 607164-5 "On Amending Separate Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation on Matters of Establishing Insurance Rates for State Non-budgetary Funds"]