The Department of State (DOS) has issued a cable on the precedential decision, Matter of Simeio Solutions, LLC. The cable reiterates the USCIS memorandum issued on July 21, 2015, available here : Specifically, the cable advises consular officers that an H-1B employer must file an amended petition for an employee that is changing work locations to a new geographical area. The cable clarifies that "geographical area" means a normal commuting distance from the worksite or within the same Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). Also, the cable indicates that the H-1B employee can begin working at the new worksite upon the employer's filing of the amended or new H-1B petition and does not have to wait for an approval of the petition. The cable also indicates the scenarios when an amended/new H-1B petition is not needed, for example, worksite changes within the same geographical area, short-term placements, and non-worksite locations. The cable outlines what a consular officer should and shouldn't do when adjudicating H-1B visas. This includes not verifying the Labor Condition Application or worksite location of every single visa application, but only when inconsistent information is presented at the time of application. Lastly, the cable outlines an H-1B employer's obligations after the Simeio ruling which were stipulated in the USCIS memorandum and which are summarized here: